Never have I ever wanted more than to have inherited my father's ability to sing while crying, and my mother's ability to shout while holding a note.   Three cups of cherry juice to one tablespoon of despair three parts all purpose fighting spirit while mixing and whipping a steady pour of hot exhales.   … Continue reading Drool

Breeds of Loneliness

A jigsaw monster; knitted together by strife, disregard, and hatred. A blind and deaf child; who cannot sense anything but darkness even though his parents drip with pink lily love. A crippled doe; left to wander in hideous greens stained with scarlet. A crushed dove; with white feathers sprayed across asphalt like graffiti, watching her … Continue reading Breeds of Loneliness

Grave of Man

There’s nothing quite as shocking as a calcified zombie crumbling pieces of debris onto the kitchen tile. Palms suctioned over ears, my jaw muscles in viney knots, while listening to dry demons screech in every rusty joint. Cheek bones protruding through black, blue light circles. And countless caverns etched into a face tortured by mechanical … Continue reading Grave of Man