Daily Poem Growing Pain

Daily Prompt: Froth 

I feel as if pushing out creativity

is forcing a horse to run for a grand prize

is telling a zebra to change its pattern

is demanding a cheetah to perform its sprint.


I believe daily simile writing, metaphor crafting, and diction perfection

is continually impregnating female dogs for puppy mill profit

is declawing an outside cat

is placing a steel box over a sapling.




2 thoughts on “Daily Poem Growing Pain

  1. Creativity happens, you can’t force it. I find photographs move me to write or paint. A tip I just learned for us poetry lovers on wordspace. Hit shift/enter at the end of a line and you will get single spaces. I had to go back and fix some of mine because I hate double spaced. lol


    1. Yeah, sometimes I feel like the daily prompt is squeezing stuff out of me… but with NaPoWriMo, I can’t back down now! Also, thanks for the tip. I don’t mind double spaced too much, but I’ll keep that in mind. 🙂

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