If this is what it's going to be it's not worth it to me. Push extra heat off the bed and stay leg distance, please. Matrimonial deceit; say 'I do" to our technology and call it a day.


Questions To Ask If You’re Considering Raw Feeding

Raw feeding rant/education. Read at your own risk. Read why I started raw. I've been following a raw feeding community for over 6-7 months and my dog has been eating raw for a year and a half, and I've never heard of a dog/cat getting salmonella/bacterial infection. But I've received over 8-10 emails in the … Continue reading Questions To Ask If You’re Considering Raw Feeding

Is April Over Yet?

Daily Prompt: Crank  Is this daily challenge supposed to inspire me? Is it supposed to make me feel accomplished? Because cranking out poetry every day just to meet a challenge is draining and monotonous and irritating. I'm not an artist at all. Just  dissatisfied with life.